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Beef Paddywack

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✓ Anxiety Buster

✓ Great Rawhide Alternative

✓ Helps Improve Oral Health

✓ Promotes Mental Stimulation

✓ Good for the Joints

HARLEY'S Beef Paddywack is made from the neck tendons of cows which are tough and inelastic cords of fibrous tissues that attach the muscles to bones.

They are a safer and great alternative to rawhide chews. Paddywack is a highly digestible and nutritious treat rich in collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, and elastin - these help prevent arthritis and improve joint mobility!

Harley's Beef Paddywack also promotes good oral health by helping remove tartar buildup in teeth. Great for mental health too as chewing helps release endorphins, which in turn keeps the dog happy and minimize their anxiety. 


Beef Paddywack is priced per piece