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What is raw pet food nutrition?

Raw pet food nutrition is based on the philosophy that pets thrive best on a diet that mimics what their ancestors ate in the wild.

This may include high-quality proteins, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and fruits.

Why should I feed my pet raw food?

Feeding raw provides your pet with food in its most digestible state. Kibbles, typically available in commercial pet stores, undergo high-temperature cooking, altering their nutritional value and making them harder for your pet's body to process.

Raw food provides quality nutrition your pets deserve with the convenience you need.

is raw food safe?

Safety and Benefits

Is raw food safe for my pet?

Yes, when handled and prepared correctly, raw food is safe for your pets. At Harley's, we ensure all our raw products are prepared in a hygienic environment with stringent quality control.

How does a raw diet benefit my pet?

A raw diet can offer several benefits including improved digestion and absorption, healthier skin and shinier coats, reduced allergy symptoms, stronger teeth, fresher breath, strengthened immune system and more energy.

However, each pet is unique, and results can vary.

from kibble to raw feeding

Transitioning to Raw

Can I mix raw food with kibble?

Yes, it’s safe to mix raw food with kibble! We highly recommend incorporating raw food into your pet’s kibble to improve your pet’s health.

How do I transition my pet to a raw diet?

Transitioning to a raw diet can be done gradually over a few weeks or via the "cold turkey" method which involves a complete diet switch after a period of fasting.

Each method has its pros and cons and should be considered based on your pet's specific circumstances.

is it suitable for my dog?

Raw Food Suitability

Is raw food suitable for all breeds and ages?

Yes, raw food can be suitable for pets of all breeds and life stages. However, it's essential to ensure the diet is balanced and meets the nutritional needs of your pet's specific life stage and health condition.

At Harley’s, we make sure to follow the NRC standards to meet the nutrient requirements for all life stages.

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