Tripe Floss
Tripe Floss
Tripe Floss

Tripe Floss

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What are the benefits of Tripe Floss?

  • Green tripe is hard to find and not everyone can stand the smell of raw green tripe! It sure may stink but it packs a punch! Green tripe is very easy to digest as it’s already partially digested contains wonderful naturally-occurring probiotics and digestive enzymes. If your pet has leaky gut syndrome, then tripe floss would be great and may ease these symptoms.
  • Green tripe is filled with vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats which is great for pets of all life stages, including pregnant and nursing pets! Tripe contains a nearly perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorus which is really wonderful and rare in whole foods. 
  • Green tripe also has a potent aroma that picks up the interest of picky eaters too! This is great for seniors too who have lost some sense of smell already due to aging.
  • Green tripe contains digestive enzymes that are said to help dogs who eat their stools (coprophagia). Coprophagia is usually related to anxiety, stress, boredom or dietary issues - and green tripe takes care of the dietary cause.

Who can benefit from Tripe Floss?

All dogs and cats can benefit from Tripe Floss!

Tripe Floss Benefits in Summary:

  • Derived from grass-fed cows
  • Filled with vitamins and minerals
  • Great source of probiotics and enzymes
  • Supports healthy weight and easy on the stomach
  • Alleviates coprophagia (pets eating their stools)
  • Wonderful for picky eaters and seniors

Suggested Usage:

Sprinkle over your pet’s daily meals.


Net wt. 30g

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