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Furry Buffalo Ears

Regular price ₱120.00

HARLEY'S Furry Buffalo Ear is sourced from 100% grass-fed, free-range buffalos. It is a long-lasting chew for dogs. Furry Buffalo Ears are great for maintaining good oral health - think of fur as nature's natural dental floss! Fur also acts as a natural dewormer for dogs, cleaning the digestive system as the fur passes through it. It also promotes anal gland health as fur helps firm up stools!

Furry Buffalo Ear is a nutritious treat as it is high in protein, and low in fat. It is a great alternative to beef and pork ears - buffalo contains 14% more protein and 89% less fat than beef, while 28% more protein than pork!

HARLEY'S Furry Buffalo Ear is great for adult dogs. Chewing helps release endorphins, which in turn keeps the dog happy and minimize their anxiety. Always supervise your dog while chewing. 


Furry Buffalo Ear is priced per piece.