Eggshell Powder
Eggshell Powder
Eggshell Powder

Eggshell Powder

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What are the benefits of Eggshell Powder?

  • Calcium is one of the most important minerals for your pet, and eggshell powder is a great source of calcium. When your pet is deficient in calcium, the parathyroid gland will look for calcium in your dog’s bones, making your pet prone to broken bones, arthritis, and have permanent damage to the skeletal system.
  • Eggshell calcium is preferred by many pet parents over bone meal because bones can store impurities unlike eggshells.
  • Calcium makes the heart function efficiently, helps the blood to clot, regulates muscular movements, and helps build strong bones and teeth.
  • Eggshells are pre-ground already to maximize absorption of calcium and protein.

Who can benefit from Eggshell Powder?

All dogs and cats consuming a homemade diet that’s free of raw meaty bones can benefit from Eggshell Powder. If your pet is on a quality commercial food diet already, there is no need to add extra calcium / eggshell powder to their meal.

Eggshell Powder Benefits in Summary:

  • Derived from farm fresh eggs
  • Great source of calcium carbonate
  • Supports heart function
  • Regulates muscular movements
  • Helps build strong bones and teeth

Suggested Usage:

Add ¼ teaspoon of eggshell powder for every 220 grams of fresh homemade food that do not include raw meaty bones. For a mix of homemade food and commercial food, only use the weight of the homemade food - do not factor in the weight of commercial food.

Net wt. 150g

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